Exsane as the main contractor in a 20 million euro building project

Exsane Oy is the main contractor in a project of national significance as up to 700 kms of optical fibre network will be built in the municipality of Pälkäne in central Finland over the next three years. In the same context, Exsane will renovate and transform 250 kms of Elenia Oy’s electricity lines into cable network, improving the provision of electricity in all weather conditions.

Pälkäne Valokuitu Oy and Elenia Oy have contracted this extensive project to Exsane Oy. As Managing Director Martti Mäkiranta says:
– The project is truly significant for us, and Exsane will employ over 25 professionals in Pälkäne.

The project started in 2017 and it will continue until 2020. The investments will be over 20 million euros and about 70 persons will be employed by the project annually.

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